Dr. Travis R. Whitney, Associate Professor, Livestock Nutrition

Texas A&M AgriLife Research Travis Whitney

Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center
7887 U.S. Highway 87 North
San Angelo, TX  76901
Phone: 325-657-7335
Fax: 325-658-4364
email: trwhitney@ag.tamu.edu

Associated Dept.: Animal Science, TX A&M University



Dr. Whitney is an Associate Professor, Ruminant Nutritionist, and project leader for the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Nutrition Laboratory, San Angelo, and for the A&M AgriLife Wood to Feed Program.  He is a faculty member of the animal nutrition section in the Department of Animal Science and adjunct faculty for Angelo State Univ. (San Angelo) and Tarleton State Univ. (Stephenville).  He received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Southwest Texas State University, a master’s degree in Agricultural Education from Texas A&M University, and a doctorate degree in Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition) from the University of Arizona.  After receiving his Master’s degree, he taught Animal Science classes at Palo Alto College (San Antonio) and did postdoctoral research at Montana State University (Bozeman) prior to his appointment in San Angelo.


This interdisciplinary research program is directed toward helping livestock producers make informed management decisions related to feeding livestock. The primary objective is to reduce costs associated with feeding livestock by: 1) increasing livestock production efficiency; 2) increasing the value of underutilized feed sources such as dried distillers grains and ground juniper trees; and 3) using plant secondary compounds to enhance ruminal function, bypass protein, and animal health, and reduce internal parasite viability. Secondary objectives are to enhance animal fiber, carcass, and meat characteristics.



Strategic Supplementation Strategies to Enhance Texas Rangelands & Reduce Livestock Production Costs
Kerrville, Texas  •  May 12, 2017
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