Model Farm 10A

Sutton, Schleicher & Crockett Counties

Ranch 10A is a 5,000 acre established ranch.  Under proper management and average rainfall, the ranch can sustainably manage 167 animal units (AU), though periods of prolonged drought may force the liquidation or reduction of the breeding females.  Currently the ranch runs 100 AU of fine-wooled sheep (500 ewes) selling feeder lambs and wool, and 67 mature cows.  This mix of species better utilizes available forage on the ranch. Hunting leases on the ranch are increasingly important to the long-term viability of the ranch.

Financial Statements

·  01/01/2011 Balance Sheet
·  2011 Depreciation Schedule
·  2011 Proforma Income Statement
·  2011 Proforma Statement of Cash Flows

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