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How to Select a Livestock Guardian Dog Puppy
An effective Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) is the result of properly rearing a puppy with inherent genetic propensity to protect livestock.  Each farm and ranch should strive to source the right kind of genetics for their situation.  Keep in mind that LGDs behaviors are still greatly influenced by how they are managed during the first year of their life.


Livestock GLivestock Guardian Doguardian Dogs
Unlike methods such as hunting and snaring that are used after predation occurs, guardian dogs can prevent predation by deterring predators all the time.  This level of security can save you money and increase your peace of mind.


The Impact of Agribusiness on the Concho Valley
It has been written that “Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Texas.”  Likewise, the agriculture industry is the mainstay that drives the economy of the Concho Valley.Impact of AgriBusiness  Agricultural production across the Concho Valley produces $336.3 million worth of products and commodities annually. This creates additional economic activity of $108.9 million, and provides employment for nearly 15,000 Concho Valley residents.


Managing Juniper (Cedar) with Goats
The expansion of juniper, commonly referred to as cedar, on rangelands is considered a major problem that reduces the value of the land and production of forage for livestock and wildlife. A commonly overlooked tool to manage juniper expansion is a prescribed goat-grazing plan. Goats, alone or in combination with other tools, can effectively reduce or manage the rate of juniper expansion.

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