Agronomy Publications

Included in this section is information, compiled by retired agronomist, Dr. Billy Warrick, on:  Extension Publications, Factsheets, Bulletins, Educational Modules, and Slide Sets.  Files listed in these categories but not available online are archived at the San Angelo center and available upon request.

Dr. Warrick’s Technical Reports, Proceedings, Result Demonstration Reports and Newsletters, previously accessible from this page, are also archived at the San Angelo center and available upon request.

For more information, please contact Mary Lynn Nelms, Senior Office Assistant: Ag Economics, Agronomy and Wildlife Management.
E-mail:; Phone: 325-653-4576 / ext. 285

Departmental Numbered Peer Reviewed Publications

Unnumbered Peer Reviewed Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications Through Ag Communication Department

  • State Cotton Production Guide with emphasis on IPM, 2002 (B-6116)
    (Co-authored seven of seven chapters, 71 pages)

Factsheets and Bulletins

Technical Reports

Result Demonstration Reports

Educational Modules

  • Result Demonstration Module
  • Soil Education Module
  • Plant Growth and Development Education Module
  • Cotton Module
  • Wheat Module
  • Grain Sorghum Module
  • Forage and Hay Production Module
  • Growth Stages of Wheat: Identification and Understanding Improve Crop Management
  • How a Sorghum Plant Develops
  • Tips on Digital Graphics
  • Broadleaf Weed Seedlings ID Test
  • Water Resources Portal
  • Grain and Hay Market Portal
  • State and Federal Market Portal
  • Weather Portal
  • Weed Identification Portal
  • Student and Teacher Resources Portal
  • Horticulture Portal
  • Livestock Information Portal

Slide Sets (for Educational Presentations)

  • Drift vs Coverage
  • Reestablishing Grass and Weed Control Considerations
  • Drift Minimization
  • Considerations of Converting CRP Grassland to Cropland
  • Interpreting Your Cotton Plant
  • Cotton Plant Physiology
  • Critical Time Periods for Applying Irrigation Water
  • Mepiquat Chloride Use in Cotton Production
  • Weed Control in Cotton
  • Cotton Crop Termination
  • Proper Timing of Harvest Aid Applications
  • Cotton Production in West Central Texas
  • Soil, Plant, and Water Interrelationships
  • Cotton Variety Selection
  • Small Grain Forage Production for Stocker Cattle
  • Maximizing Wheat Forage Production
  • Management Practices by Growth Stage in Wheat
  • Weed Control in Small Grains
  • Wild Oat Control In Wheat
  • Small Grain Alternatives
  • Small Grain Management in West Central Texas
  • Cultural Control Practices for Reducing Diseases in Wheat
  • Grain Sorghum Plant Physiology and Water Use
  • Perennial Hay Production and Management
  • Quality Forage Production in West Central Texas
  • Alfalfa Production and Management in West Central Texas
  • Bermudagrass Production and Management
  • Factors Affecting Weed Control
  • Sprayer Calibration

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